New Feature Updates

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Awareness is proud to announce the addition of several new feature updates to our flagship product, the Awareness Social Marketing Hub

Engage module: aggregates fragmented conversations into a single location

The new Engage module in the Awareness Social Marketing Hub gives marketers the ability to interact directly with the people who are talking about their social marketing campaigns. Now, when publishing content using the Hub, marketers are able to:

  • See what people are saying about that content - Every comment made on every post through the Hub is reviewable from within the Hub interface. Comments from different social networking channels are aggregated into one place for quick review.
  • Automatically measure sentiment - The Hub automatically measures the sentiment of each comment so marketers can quickly and easily find and react to both the good and the bad.
  • Engage directly - Hub users can respond to comments and engage with the people who are talking about that content from within the Hub.
  • Reporting and analysis - All comments and responses are stored within the Hub for reporting and analysis purposes.

foursquare support: centralize and simplify the management of multiple venues

The foursquare channel within the Hub allows enterprise marketers to:

  • Simplify the process of publishing Tips to multiple foursquare venues with a single click. With the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, you can publish Tips to 1 or 1,000 foursquare venues simply and easily. These Tips will be shown to users who are checking in to your venues or near your venues.
  • Centralize your venue management and group multiple venues under one centralized system.
  • Cross-promote your marketing content across foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and more, using the same one-step publishing process offered through the Hub.

WordPress support: publish and manage all blog activities from one central location

The WordPress channel within the Hub allows enterprise marketers to:

  • Publish posts directly to WordPress blogs from within the Awareness Social Marketing Hub
  • Aggregate activity statistics from your WordPress posts with the rest of your social marketing efforts
  • Manage comments with Engage on WordPress blog posts from within the Awareness Social Marketing Hub alongside comments from other social marketing channels

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