New, new, new...

Excerpt from Robin Dindayal's blog on July 23, 2021

New, new, new...that seems to be theme around the office today. Let me quickly rundown all that has been announced today...

  • New company name & branding
  • New Funding (from Greylock & Northbridge)
  • New Executive Team Members (John Bruce, Doug Caldwell, Steve Richards & Eric Schurr)
  • New Offices (New head office in Boston & new Engineering/R&D office in Toronto)
  • New Product Launch (Revamped platform that includes major new features like Geo-Tagging, Bookmarking, Rich Profiles, Content Tagging, etc.)

I know I'm missing a lot and not doing everything justice, but trust me...there is a lot of good stuff going on! To see what I'm talking about, just do a quick Google News Search...'s been a busy few months! It's so nice to be able to talk about it all too...

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Do you lack Awareness?

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on July 23, 2021
Of course I'm going to try to find a ton of witty ways to show off the new company name. "iUpload" is now "Awareness". I know, we should have just removed the vowels and created a more web 2.0 name like iUploadr or something like that. Read more

Office planning two-dot-oh style

Excerpt from Robin Hopper's blog on July 5, 2022
Help us design our new digs...With the new faces we've been adding (and the fact that there's more to come), the current office has gotten pretty cramped so we've signed off on new digs. At the moment it's a blank canvas, i.e., one big open area that we get to design.
If you'd like to weigh in on what the space should look like, what we should include, etc., I'd love your feedback. Below are the very basic notes thrown together for the space planner along with a couple of pics... you'll notice I've opened this up as a wiki so go ahead and click "edit" to add your thoughts. Very cool digs. Read more