Are You Exceptional?

Excerpt from Robin Dindayal's blog on February 20, 2022

Are you an exceptional individual who longs to work for a company that counts many of the world's largest and most profitable corporations as it's clients? If you are and you're looking for a new job then iUpload may be the right place for you.

We've recently posted for a few new openings and we're looking for only the best and brightest individuals to fill them. If you think you'd be the right fit for any of the following jobs, send your resume to

Newly Available Positions:

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iUpload Leads the Market With its Robust Blogging Capabilities

Excerpt from Robin Dindayal's blog on June 27, 2022

Woohoo!!! My RSS reader just told me it's official...

"Forrester evaluated leading blogging platforms across 54 criteria and found that iUpload leads the market with its robust blogging capabilities and its strong strategic vision of a blog as a lightweight content management system (CMS), a collaboration and knowledge management tool, and even as a foundation to form communities of customers."

- The Forrester Wave: Blogging Platforms, Q2 2006

Wondering who the competion was? Well the evaluation performed by Charlene Li of Forrester Research also included in-depth reviews of...

  • Drupal
  • Roller
  • Six Apart's Movable Type and TypePad
  • Telligent Systems' Community Server
  • Traction Software's TeamPage
  • UserLand Software's Manila
  • WordPress

Not bad, eh?? ;)

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Talking Web 2.0

Excerpt from Robin Dindayal's blog on May 16, 2022

With the huge success of the mesh Conference, we thought it was time for Canada to get an online community to allow its most talented web developers to get together and discuss the topics that mattered to we created one! The URL is...

The goal of the community is two-fold:

  • push the envelope on current trends in web development
  • show the world that Canada can compete when it comes to web development

To highlight the second point, we've also started Canada's first ever Web 2.0 development competition. If you're the type of person that loves web development, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to show everyone what you've got!

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