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Integrating social media into your marketing mix: A case for social media marketing in a recession

Awareness has recently released a whitepaper discussing social media marketing and the benefits during tough economic times.   Whether the United States is headed toward, or already deeply embroiled in a recession, one thing seems clear: interactive and digital marketing—social media marketing strategies in particular—will play a part in how your brand survives and thrives.

This report describes how you can leverage social media such as blogs, forums, ratings, and social networking media to improve your marketing and build better customer relationships regardless of the economy.

Some of the key discussion points and examples of utilizing social media marketing to build your brand are:

  • Creating points of enthusiasm

  • Humanizing your brand

  • Generating conversations

  • Highlighting participation points

  • Promoting and sharing user-generated content

Marketing in an economic downturn requires creative thinking and while experimental media often can get cut during tough times, social media marketing can drive traffic to your brand's web site through the power of your customers' enthusiasm. Find ways to leverage that enthusiasm, and your customers will spread the good word about your brand when your budget isn't going to get the job done.

To learn more and download this free whitepaper, click here.  

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