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Using Social Media for Customer Service

I was at the new JetBlue terminal at JFK last week.  Overall, very nice.  However, I did have one concern, and knowing that JetBlue used twitter, I decided to text them a quick comment. Within minutes I had a response.

I have to tell you how satisfying it is as a customer to be able to do this.

  1. be able to voice my concern

  2. have someone acknowledge they heard. 

  3. tell me their plans to fix (if they can)

I think we forget that about customer service. #3 is nice, but you get a lot from #1 & #2.  Moments later at the same terminal I was going to get some breakfast. I assumed lots of new staff since the terminal just opened.  I sat down.  Waited.  I noticed the staff was clearly swamped.. but staff walked by me several times and said nothing.  I walked out.  Truth is that I knew service would have been slow and if they had simply said "We'll be right there, but we are a little behind with the rush" I would have read my paper until they came.  Without that, I had no idea if they even knew I was a new customer.

Why do I mention this?

Social media can be that conduit.  You don't have to answer every question.  By giving people a place to voice their concern you have accomplished 1 & 2.  Its even better though, because your other clients can step in and help.  Or those same clients can stand by you when you need support.  Customer to customer debate can be a lot healthier. 

Here's a recent personal example. I was using a "free version" of an online service
to test it out.  I had many questions and posted them in the support
forum.  Staff and customers were answering them so quickly that I
bought the service before I had finished the eval.  I felt like I was
in good hands and the "community" demonstrated to me that it was a safe
decision.  I had voiced some concerns about features that were missing, and other customers responded why that feature should be a low priority and how to get the same thing using an existing feature.

So get out their and embrace social media and delight your customers.
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