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Paul Gillin's 10 Secrets to Social Media Marketing

Do you want to learn how to leverage social media to improve your marketing? If so, feel free to download the replay of our webinar with Paul Gillin, renowned author and technology journalist, who introduced the most popular applications of social media marketing, 10 never before discussed secrets from his newly released book, and step-by-step advice on how to put them to work for your business.

A host of new online opportunities are now available for marketing teams who want to leverage the power of social media to engage with their customers, build their brand, and increase revenues. In this webinar you'll learn how to take advantage of these new social media offerings.

What Paul discussed:

    * How to stimulate customer conversations and build your brand
    * How to use customer engagement to increase your revenue
    * Best practices from companies that are using online communities to learn more about their customers, provide better support, and sell more products.

This was a fantastic event - we had close to 1000 registrants and a tremendous response post event.  Take advantage of Paul's expertise and download the replay here.  A PDF of the presentation is also attached to this blog for download as well. 

Many thanks again to Paul for his time!  Enjoy.

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BY: Penelope Parker (30/07/2021 2:26:35 AM)
COMMENT: Thank you for sorting out the print problems with the pdf. I was just sent this link by a friend in the States and have found it very enlightening. I will be requesting the Paul Gillin books at the Library. Does anyone else have any more links to relevant training information on using social media in marketing that they can recommend? Thanks, a UK convert.

BY: Francesc Grau (27/02/2022 5:21:01 AM)
COMMENT: It looks very well, Tarah. Thanks to share! :-)

BY: JD Lasica (17/01/2022 5:37:43 AM)
COMMENT: Hi. I've filled out the registration form at least twice in the past 2 months. I won't do it a third time. There must be a way to log in if you've previously registered, no? JD Lasica President

BY: Tarah Cammett (16/01/2022 10:10:52 AM)
COMMENT: I appreciate the feedback Sam and I have passed it along. I'm also putting the PDF in our Resources area as well.

BY: Sam Stevens (16/01/2022 10:06:04 AM)
COMMENT: Thanks, but that's not helpful since I wasn't able to load the PDF at all. I just found a way though... when I click your name in the byline and arrive at "", I can see the more link for this post... when I click that, I get to ";=" and NOW I can see the link text "Paul Gillin 10 Secrets to SMM" and link to the PDF. I was getting to this post by clicking the link on the home page, which is "". There is NO PDF link displayed without "&mode;=" appended to the URL. I tested this out on my Mac, and it's the same. So, this is an issue with your website that your developers definitely need to check in on. I'm not the only one seeing the problem--anyone arriving at this post from your home page is having the same issue. Hope that helps! Off to read my shiny PDF now...

BY: Tarah Cammett (16/01/2022 7:32:13 AM)
COMMENT: Sam, you need to manually edit your print setting to print pages 1 to 38. I have sent along your comments to our developers to have a look at the community glitches you mentioned (that's much more their arena). That should be sorted as soon as they have a chance to respond.

BY: Sam Stevens (15/01/2022 10:32:09 PM)
COMMENT: Ouch, sorry for the poor formatting of my comment, but this blog app strips out my para breaks!

BY: Sam Stevens (15/01/2022 10:30:36 PM)
COMMENT: Thanks Tarah! Hmm... I see the Print link, but that only prints this post page. I also see Attachments, but nothing under it linking to the PDF. Now, when I do print off this page, I see a PDF link under Attachments: "(/uploads/2315548-10-Seacrets-to-Social-Media-Marketing.pdf)" If I use that to manually build the link to the PDF, I get an unspecified file error: The only More link I see on the page is in the right column, takes me to: I am on a WinXP system, using Firefox3. The section of code with the attachment URL seems to be failing. If I view the page in IE, the pipes (|) between the links, Comments, Permalink, Print etc don't show up. If I view in Opera, oh my, a blue page background, so those links don't show up at all! In either case, no PDF link either. You might want to have a look at this on a Windows system. Please advise.

BY: Tarah Cammett (15/01/2022 6:20:21 PM)
COMMENT: Hi Sam - I just pulled up the PDF - you should be able to print it? 'Print' came up as an option for me? I'm on a Mac - I pulled it up as a visitor to the site, clicked on Edit and was able to Print.

BY: chris hall (15/01/2022 2:14:16 PM)
COMMENT: I just listened to this great webinar - thanks. How can I print out the PDF?

BY: Tarah Cammett (15/01/2022 11:46:27 AM)
COMMENT: Hi Sam, if you look at the bottom of the blog, you'll see 'More'- click on that, it will bring you to the download - or you can email me direct at and I'll shoot it over to you.

BY: Sam Stevens (15/01/2022 11:42:55 AM)
COMMENT: Couldn't make this webinar due to another commitment. I'd love to print out the PDF, but I'm not finding the link in this post. Please advise.

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