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An Awareness look back at 2007, best practices for 2008

As we're launching into our 2008 plans, I had the chance to pause and look back at 2007. It was a busy year... we raised a multi-million dollar financing with two top tier VCs, renamed and rebranded the company, opened up head offices in the US, more than doubled the contracted customers and rolled out a totally upgraded platform. Along the way we've been hiring some great people, there's now three times the number of employees that were here a year ago. 

This is all as a direct consequence of how Enterprise interest in Web2.0 technologies has been growing; we're seeing increasing interest from companies who want to use our platform to build communities..  internally and externally facing, with some cases a blend of both.

Working with the customers we have, we're learning first-hand the practicalities for companies to successfully engage with Web2, so some months back we set off to try and broadly share what works and what doesn't. Candidly, the team's been too 'heads down' with the business to do this real justice.  We do have weekly Webinars that provide some of this and recently we hosted a session with Charlene Li, a leading analyst from Forrester that outlined some of the issues to consider before rolling out a Web2.0 community. But one of our resolutions for this year is to take a much more public stance on the work we're doing. 

While we may not have devoted enough energy to generally sharing our lessons learned, what we have been spending significant resources to build is a distillation of our experience into a number of 'best practices' for common use cases. They're soon to be made available as 'model' communities.. easy to brand for companies, quick to get operational and they employ the techniques we see working successfully with existing customers. I'll leave the marketing folks to tell you more when they're ready.

The company went through 2007 picking up steam, now we're really excited about what we can bring to customers in 2008.

Best wishes for the year!

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