• Grading Facebook’s Graph Search

    January 15, 2022 by Sal Giliberto

    Today Facebook announced Graph Search. Mashable describes it as: The ability to search within your social graph for specifics. The search improvements involve the ability to ask questions in regular English, such as “which of my friends live in New York?” The search is now intelligent enough to rank your friends based on how much

    Think Like Zuck – 5 Questions with Ekaterina Walter

    January 9, 2022 by Sal Giliberto

    You’ve seen the movies, read the books, and shared the infographics about the rise and success of Facebook. But you may not be applying the business lessons of the Facebook story to your own marketing activities. Now you can with Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the

    Top Social Media Predictions for 2013

    December 31, 2021 by Sal Giliberto

    December brings Christmas cookies, New Years parties, and social media predictions for the coming year. We’ve read the articles and blogposts and gathered five of our favorites. MOST HOPEFUL PREDICTION LinkedIn Completes its Evolution to a True Social Network Ben Pickering CEO, Strutta For years LinkedIn was simply a professional networking site for job seekers,

    Thoughts on the Nielsen Twitter Ratings

    December 21, 2021 by Sal Giliberto

    It was announced this week that Twitter is partnering with Nielsen to provide a “common benchmark” from which to measure a TV program’s engagement. This is an important milestone in the ongoing history of social media, though I don’t know anyone can really define what it really means just yet. Validation Ratings are integral to

    Google Antitrust - Innocent or Idiots

    November 30, 2021 by Sal Giliberto

    The FTC is after search giant Google: The FTC has been investigating Google for more than a year and a half amid complaints that it ranks search results from its own products higher than those of competitors, in an unfair use of its market dominance. Let’s pretend you are Google, and you want YouTube videos

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