Recently published - Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Team Collaboration and Social Software

Excerpt from John Bruce's blog on October 30, 2021

Team Collaboration and Social Software - this must be a market, when Gartner has published one of their Magic Quadrants to describe the relative positions of vendors addressing it.

Following on the heels of some impressive research papers published by the team at Forrester the Gartner work is a good analysis of one of the common use areas for enterprise deployment of Web2.0 technologies; that of internal collaboration.

There's some mention of other value to be derived from building communities outside of a business, but no real focus on two of the other major use cases as we're seeing them... in shorthand they can be described as ‘business to consumer' and ‘consumer to consumer'.

It's gratifying to be included in the report, I particularly liked "Awareness
 has a good track record among large organizations" and "positive customer feedback on the accompanying services for setting up and running communities".

Back to those other use cases. While each has stand-alone merit, enterprises will maximize the value they can derive from Web 2.0 when they can implement all three in a cohesive way.. Internal, B2C and C2C.  To do that well requires a spread of technology types, not just wikis, but blogs, forums, calendar, voting, rating, podcasts, RSS feeds... which is why I like another of the Gartner quotes about us..
"The product has an innovative ability to capture content and then repurpose it as a wiki, blog, forum post or calendar entry (content repurposing and content transformation)".

This report may focus on a subset of the use cases for Web2.0 for enterprise users, but Gartner wield great influence with corporate decision makers who'll get value from including this in their deliberations.

Nice job from Nikos Drakos and his team.
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