the 451 Group writes about Awareness and Enterprise Social Media

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on September 12, 2021

Kathleen Reidy of the the 451 Group recently issued a report about Awareness and its play in the Enterprise Social Media market.  Here's some key excerpts and some reactions to her thoughts:

  • "The company formerly known as iUpload has some pretty experienced execs at the helm now and appears to be signing customers at a fair pace..."
  • Because the Awareness founders have roots in content management and applied that expertise to the Awareness platform, it "allows it to manage different types of content more easily than another blogging tool might. "  She's right about this -- Awareness is a  social media  platform because it handles all forms of social media:  blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, etc.  This is a strength of our offering and at the same time it makes it more difficult for the average person to really "get" what we do.
The entire report is available from the 451 Group.

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"Is Awareness a Lawyers Dream?". I say yes, and I'm OK with it.

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on September 11, 2021
David Snead of The Web Host Industry Review caught up with me at the Office 2.0 show. (did I say what a great "networking" event it was?). David Snead covers the legal aspect of this business and offers a credible legal perspective on both specific actions in the Web hosting business and general developments in legislation. Read more

Blogging, the new frontier for corporates

Excerpt from Renee Fox's blog on August 22, 2021
Firms need to decide on a business case for this new phenomenon, writes AMIT ROY CHOUDHURY The Business Times BLOGGING is the latest flavour on the Internet and everyone wants to blog or has their favourite blogs which they read regularly. In fact, blogs have become so happening that all manner of enterprises are looking at blogs from a business perspective. Some see it as a potential marketing tool, while others look at it as a good way to improve lateral interaction among employees. Yet others, like media companies, look at blogs as potential online competitors in terms of viewership - a sort of citizen's media to keep watch on the professional media. 22 April 2022 [What follows is the full text of the news story.] Read more