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As we test out different phones and cellular carriers, we are looking for sample pics from various devices. PLease send these to If possible send then directly from your device...
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TIred of carrying pagers, PDA's, phones, and digital cameras? Me too....
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Thursday April 8... Mark that in your calendar. Its the day I became a mobile blogger. This was our extremely helpful Telus rep. Not ony did he know the capabilities of the picture phones (We went to...
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First, all you Austin Powers fans who immediately flashed to Gold Member trying to pronounce "father", focus... that's not what I'm talking about.I'm talking about "Full Acronym Support Availability"...
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What social bookmarking/news sites do you regularly use?

Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon,, and Reddit are just a few of the many social bookmarking/social news sites that are out there, which sites do yo...
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