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Manager/Director, Marketing Communications and Programs

YouTube, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIN… Web 2.0 technologies that are inspiring exciting changes in how we all interact. Tens of millions of users are on-line, sharing ideas and content. Corporations are now looking for solutions to bring the power of these technologies into their business.

Here at Awareness we pioneered and now lead the market for applying the power of Web 2.0 social media – blogs, wikis, RSS, forums, podcasts, etc. – to enterprises to achieve real business benefits. The company was rated #1 in this space in a Forrester Research report and has already achieved an impressive list of successful brand-name customers. We recently received significant funds from two leading venture capital firms, to be used to build a first-class go-to-market effort that will drive the company’s growth to even higher levels. Now we’re about to start our first major marketing push and build our marketing team.

This position is responsible for all go-to-market activities and budget, including:

  1. Develop and implement innovative, best-of-class, integrated marketing programs and promotions to drive leads and revenue.
  2. Oversee all development and maintenance of the company’s on-line presence, including the web site.
  3. Run the company’s search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), email, and direct mail programs
  4. Tracking and analyzing all lead generation activity.
  5. Employ modern Web 2.0 technologies in every way that is appropriate, leveraging the Web’s viral nature to generate leads and build brand.
  6. Oversee the selection of and participation in all tradeshows and events.
  7. Lead strategic development and management of online and offline marketing programs, secure and manage marketing partnerships and promotional tie-ins.
  8. Lead branding and communication strategies, drive development of all tactical and strategic marketing plans.
  9. Establish, acquire, and leverage metrics that measure the effectiveness of lead generation programs and ROI on marketing investment.
  10. Manage budget and all expenses.

The right individual for this job will have a combination of marketing experience, leadership, and a hands-on attitude. This position will both design and execute the company’s go-to-market strategy.

They’ll be a key contributor in a leading company that’s targeting an exciting and fast evolving market.


  • Hands on experience in traditional and on line marketing programs.
  • Good grasp of the Web and modern techniques around viral marketing, blogs and wikis, Search Engine Optimization and Per Click metrics
  • Most likely 5+ years in traditional and/or interactive marketing experience, with 3+ years experience developing integrated online/offline marketing programs targeted at businesses.
  • Strong creative sensibilities, with proven experience working with creative teams/agencies and managing the creative development of business-to-business marketing programs

Awareness is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity enables the broad-range of perspectives needed for solid decision-making and creativity. If you are interested in applying for this challenging and rewarding opportunity, please submit your resume to: