Cannondale Bicycle Corp.

Cannondale Bicycle Corp., widely regarded as the bike industry's leading innovator, is using Awareness's solutions to engage their customers and simplify their content management system. Cannondale's foray into blogging has been more successful than the company first imagined, and has gone beyond the tangible benefits of improving relationships with its customers and retailers, increasing sales and improving the corporate brand.

Earth Knowledge

Earth Knowledge works with many organizations, businesses and government agencies across a wide range of industries and geographical locations. They wanted a way for members of all these disparate groups to easily contribute information and form one large cohesive community. With Awareness, they now have an interactive resource which provides communication and knowledge-sharing between the many organizations that continually interact around environmental issues. Awareness also helps drive traffic to Earth Knowledge's website, strengthening their position as a valuable resource on environmental issues and attracting new clients to the firm.

Flight Centre Inc.

Flight Centre, a global travel service, employs 8,000 consultants, has 1,500 retail stores and runs an online service. With Awareness, they provide- their consultants a way to capture travel experiences so that prospective travelers can gain firsthand knowledge about their intended destinations. In addition, Awareness provides a way for Flight Centre's customers to report on their own travel experiences, publish photos, and contribute to the community. This has helped strengthen the Flight Centre brand, provides a great opportunity to acquire new sales and a method to see customer trends as they are actually happening, allowing for more informed marketing decisions.

McDonald's Corporation

McDonald's has gained a reputation for value and consistency around the world. With a large, globally distributed set of customers, employees and franchisees, McDonald's was challenged with the task of finding an effective way to enable clear and unified communications across this diverse community. With Awareness, they now have a way to engage with employees and customers to solicit their ideas, questions and comments about any number of issues related to the company. This represents one of the first examples of a major global brand company developing a stronger, more interactive dialogue with their employees and customers.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is one of the largest providers of life insurance in the United States. With a workforce that exceeds 7,000 financial representatives, Northwestern Mutual serves over three million policy owners and has been named 'America's Most Admired' insurance company by Fortune Magazine for the last 24 years. For many of America's most revered companies, the unprecedented growth in the number of older workers—and how to deal with this dramatic demographic shift—could prove to be the defining issue of the 21st Century. With Awareness, Northwestern Mutual launched a company-wide initiative to better capture and share important employee knowledge.