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A place for ideas and knowledge sharing about technology from the technical people of Kodak.
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Photographic tips, ideas, and stories from the everyday people of Kodak builds a "personality" for Kodak and its brand.
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The JetBlue Community project is an exploration of using social media (Web 2.0) tools to enhance connectivity among a diverse and dispersed group of learning professionals.
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Hershey's has embraced the Web 2.0 community and has chosen the Awareness platform to power 6 different online brand communities.
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The Social Media Lab is an online community that connects P&G; internal brands to external "innovation partners" so they can network and collaborate on social media projects.
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American Heart Association
A Web 2.0 community that celebrates the energy, passion and power of women to band together to wipe out heart disease and stroke.
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Discovery Channel- ROAR
Join with Animal Planet and leading animal organizations to help make the world a better place for animals.
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Discovery Channel-Spring Tracker
A fun online community that uses an interactive mapping interface to track the emergence of Spring.
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New York Times
The New York Times Company uses the Awareness platform to power communities for mulitple local papers.
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Provides a two-way dialog between customers and the people at McDonald's who work on "social responsibility issues that matter."
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This site provides the health care industry with a dynamic way to connect, collaborate and contribute with other professionals and Sg2 experts.
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Earth Knowledge
An interactive resource that provides communication and knowledge-sharing between organizations that interact around environmental issues.
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Flight Centre
A Web 2.0 community where travelers can share experiences, learn from experts, and book trips to build customer loyalty and generate revenue.
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Liberty Mutual
An online community featured in national TV advertising that helps Liberty Mutual build its brand.
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McDonald's Mindshare
A Web 2.0 community that allows employees to exchange, capture, and share ideas, knowledge, and best practices inside McDonald’s.
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Oracle Applications User Group
The OAUG is a global organization whose purpose is to enhance the capabilities of Oracle users in their use and management of Oracle applications.
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Over 50% of Cannondale's website is powered by Awareness, allowing them to engage with their customers and retailers, increasing sales and improving the corporate brand.
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A direct conversation between the market and Motorola's scientists and technicians.
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FindTech Blogs is a Web 2.0 community for the exchange of ideas, news, and content about technology solutions and information, and a key element in a revenue-generating program.
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