Interesting new Awareness-powered community: Sg2

We recently announced the deployment of an interesting new community for a company called Sg2.   Sg2 is an international, forward-thinking healthcare company.  The community we built for them is a virtual meeting place for health care industry professionals from a
wide variety of backgrounds, including strategic, operational,
clinical, academic, technological and financial.

They did a number of cool things in their community, including some advanced member profile management and site searching.  The one area that stands out for me is how they used our security and permissioning to segment what information can be seen by which users.   This provides customized, personalized views for different members in a common community.

This illuminates a point often overlooked: although a community is a collection of people and its all about sharing and collaboration, not everyone in the community plays the same role.  You need to be able to segment users, control who can see what, and manage what actions each user can take.  We explain more about this in various parts of our website where we talk about Web 2.0 communities and technology for community administrators.

Sg2 told us that they weren't looking for someone to just build their community, they were looking for a partner.  That fits our model exactly.  We've already improved on the initial community that we deployed for them, and we're working together on more improvements -- that's because Sg2 is following a model we recommend: get a good initial community built, learn from your members what works and what doesn't, and grow from there.

We're excited to be working with Sg2.

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