Enterprise 2.0 Vs. Corporate Silos, Knowledge Hoarders

Every day you are told to collaborate more. Every day you hear of a new Web 2.0 tool that will make it easier for you to share knowledge and gain the benefits of other like minded colleagues that "Know" things. In this ever evolving new work environment, new opportunities  are introduced for the individual employee.

The potential to tap in to the collective thought of more senior individuals with more experience or welcoming past job experiences to an unrelated new field...the benefits are limitless.

I read a fantastic article written by Rex Lee over at Social media Today that related Sun Tzu's writings, author of "The Art of War" to the constraints and obstacles that Enterprise 2.0 faces within the corporation

"If you think of the "enemy" as, "poor collaboration", "inefficiency", "bureaucracy" or "employee frustration", there are some good insights that can help you achieve success with your enterprise 2.0 / social computing initiatives." - Rex Lee

Having worked in large and small corporations, there is nothing more frustrating then being told you MUST enter what you know into a collaborative tool. The frustration, in my case was felt due to the fact that I knew of many other colleagues that would not tell you where the extra staples were let alone share deep insights or tricks of the trade that got them to where they are today.

What drives the mass adoption of social computing and use of collaborative tools like the Awareness Social Media Platform is the freedom and renowned sense of self that one feels when their voice has a microphone amongst the noise and their ideas have a stage in which others can act upon and interact with the content.

Corporate Silos will become a thing of the past as the younger workforce is more willing to embrace social networking tools and collaborative behavior. It is now a more natural behavior to willingly offer more opinion and be less private or selfish and sooner then later the knowledge hoarders will realize there is not much worth in only having one person be "In the know".

Is your workplace as ready to collaborate as they say they are?

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BY: Tarah Cammett (4/17/2008 1:16 PM)
COMMENT: Great post Lucas. It's an exciting time - for myself anyway. I agree that the world of social media has allowed for us to become much more collaborative and communicative in our efforts. Ultimately there is no alternative but to embrace this new form of interaction - for the younger generation (is that still us?), that is now all that is known.

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