Establish credibility with your recruits using our new Facebook application

You might have read about the recent release of our Facebook application. I've spoken to a few of our customers about how they could take advantage of it to solve some of their current challenges. A very interesting idea that I want to share focused on creating a community to help recruit new talent . Recruiting new talent into organizations in today's market place is difficult, time consuming and ultra competitive. The combination of the Awareness platform along with our Facebook application allows customers to engage their candidates "where they live". Additionally, customers increase their talent pool by leveraging the candidate's relationships.

After customers have engaged the candidates, they can listen to their likes/ dislikes, learn more about their criteria for an employer. Taking action on that information would allow them to re-engage those members with relevant content, as well as, make any necessary changes to their policies and messaging.

Does anyone have any experiences with or ideas about recruiting the demographic that is active on Facebook? If so, please post your experiences here.

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