'Groundswell' - A Fantastic Book on Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media

So the other day I was given the book, "Groundswell" written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff of Forrester.  I had to read the book, it speaks to the space that I live and breathe and well, knowledge is power so there you have it.  Honestly, I was assuming I would read it at night to put myself to sleep.  I needed to educate myself, however was under the assumption it would be the standard educational 'boring' read- I mean really, how exciting could a book written by two analysts be?  As it turns out, very.

Here's the thing about this book.  If you are interested in, work in, play in or are looking to incorporate the world of social media into your enterprise, you absolutely must read this book.  Beyond the current and insightful knowledge this book empowers you with, the content is formatted in a way that is an easy read for all, regardless of your skill set when it comes to the world of social media.  Charlene and Josh did a fantastic job with speaking in a language that can resonate across the masses.  The continued industry examples they gave only assisted in driving home the 'state of the universe' in regards the current and rising impact of Web 2.0. 

The book expresses the importance of embracing the trend as we are obviously at the forefront of what will become the mainstream of how customers, partners, internal employees and executives communicate.  What is most impressive and at times frightening is the power that the world of social media has enabled us with.  We all have a voice and united within communities and communication we are for the most part, a force. 

I truly believe that the world that we live in now in regards to social media has broken down barriers.  The formalities that once existed - even within the context of how two Forrester analysts can now communicate with their audience are slowly breaking and all be it through a book, a computer, an application or a platform, we just might be getting closer to 'human' than we are aware of. 

If you are interested, the book can be found here


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BY: Eric Schurr (24/04/2022 9:05:06 PM)
COMMENT: I agree completely. In fact, I wrote one of the first reviews on Amazon.com, and here's what i said: Groundswell is the best book I've read on social media (and I should know a few things about social media -- I'm the VP of marketing and direct sales for a social media company!). What makes it so good? There are a few simple reasons: 1. It captures the essence of social media. The term "social media" is foreign and confusing to many people, and this book cuts through the hype and explains the "core" of what it's about. 2. It's full of customer examples. The book illuminates the power -- and importance -- of social media by describing real-world customer examples where social media is being used. In doing so, the book escapes the trap of dwelling on abstract theory and instead gives you a down-to-earth understanding of the ways social media is being used and its benefits. 3. It's easy to read. Josh and Charlene are well-known, experienced analysts, but the book does not read like some academic dissertation. It has a nice cadence, with an easy conversational tone. I honestly don't know how two people could write one book together and maintain such a consistent, smooth style. I buzzed right through it. 4. It's practical. You'll get direct advice about how to "do it right." And, as someone in the business, I can attest to the fact that their advice is worth listening to.

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