Points of Enthusiasm

A term I find myself using a lot lately is "points of enthusiasm". Its used to describe situation in your enterprise where staff is highly engaged and motivated.  Its during these moments that you want to direct some of that energy and focus towards capturing content or having people update their profile.

I'll give you some examples.  Our client McDonald's was registering users for there bi-annual global  conference.  In order to attend the event, you had to register.  Knowing the flood of activity that came with this, it was decided to ask questions during electronic registration that could be added to the staff's existing profile.  This was an excellent opportunity to make sure profiles were up to date and accurate.  Also, as part of that process, each person was asked if there was a best practice they wanted to share. At eh end of the registration the internal community had thousands of updated profiles and best practices submitted to the community.

Had this just been a link of the community saying "Don't forget to update your profile" or "Share your best practice" the response rate would have been much lower.  Instead we slipped into a process the employee had to engage in anyway. 

Points of Enthusiasm could follow or precede training. They could be major events, performance evaluations for staff, product launches, trade shows or a lot of other things.  During these points people are more motivated to participate or document things they have done.

I'd be interested in hearing what "points of enthusiasm" you might exploit in your company.

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