The Power of Social networking, Police style

The Greater Manchester Police are one of the first police forces to recognize one of the largest audiences a police presence could ever imagine. The BBC reported in a post titled "Force On Facebook" that this police force built an application that streams in real time local police activities as well as notices of missing persons.

Check out the video to realize how many different corporate entities could utilize the speed of the internet and the reach of the social networking revolution.

I live in Canada, and if you do as well, take a moment and remember when the digital highway signs posted a missing person or different color coded alert. These police reports exposed vital information to as many sets of eyes, making every moment which is crucial, count. Now, in the present, using this internet as a medium to broadcast a piece of information to the largest audience possible is just becoming realized by government and corporate entities. Some uses of social media have been applied on a global scale for a particular purpose or cause, giving a voice on one of the largest media platforms ever imagined.

Facebook has 7 million users in the United Kingdom (UK) and The Greater Manchester Police by making this step, have recognized that in their line of work the "speed" and "social" aspects of social networking platforms can greatly improve their day to day activities.

Awareness communities combine four key areas of capability, including user-generated content (blogs, wikis, discussions, photos, videos, voting, etc.), social networking (members finding members), profiles, and enterprise security and control.

These four key areas appeal to our present customers. Our customers are very diverse in needs as well as business objectives but they all share a unified goal to collect knowledge and transform the workforce into a community that takes care and realizes the power of shared knowledge.

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