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I was reading the recent announcement by FaceBook Friday.  FaceBook Connect is very exciting even though it does not seem to have been met with the fanfare of the FaceBook platform last year.  That's right, the FaceBook platform is only a year old.  Wow, seems like we have had applications like "Scrabulous" and "Visual Bookshelf" forever.

FaceBook Connect takes the two most valuable resources in FaceBook, your identity, and your friends lists, and exposes this to third party applications outside FaceBook.  I have said all along that this is a natural role for FaceBook and LinkedIn.  In fact I think it's a major "miss" on the part of LinkedIn to not be at this point by now.  FaceBook Connect can also act as an authority and verify you are who you say you are.

Let's talk about the identity part. If you are trying to roam the internet  anonymously, this is no big deal for you.  However if you want to log into other sites and have people know who you are, with your real name, this makes sure people ultimately know it's you.  Like your identity now on FaceBook, you can decide who sees what.  Strangers may only see my name.  Existing friends may be able to get into my photos and personal news feed.  For example, imagine you participate in a discussion group and the developer has decided that each participant will have a profile on that site.  Instead of maintaining a bunch of identities all over the net, that application could ask the user if it can connect your FaceBook identity with this application.  We haven't see the full spec, but I assume all changes to your FaceBook identity will ripple to all places you participate.

Having a public friends list to draw on, will help "socialize" all applications.  Managing friend's lists on various communities is even more painful than managing multiple profiles.  Developers have flocked to the FaceBook platform to create applications that have a "friends view" of their content.  For example in FaceBook I have an application that says what my friends are reading.  Another shows me where my friends have visited.
Developers can now build their own thriving communities with that information.  Users can see friend's views of the content. 

Your friends list is more powerful than you think.  Its like your personal trust list.  You can give each person various rights.  Again, external application developers can give their users the ability to secure portions of their application with various pieces of information.  It's all great news.  We have been waiting for this.  In 2004 in one of the first iterations of the Awareness platform we did something similar with CRM giant Salesforce.  Users could write a blog post and then pick which contacts cold see that post. The list came directly from your Salesforce contacts.  It was a little ahead of its time but we are anxious to get our hands on FaceBook Connect.

I'd be interested in your take on the announcement?

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BY: Phillip (5/12/2021 10:46 AM)
COMMENT: Seems to be a very powerful weapon for the platform. Looking forward to getting technical details and doing some really things with this. Facebook is just so vague in a lot of their post that it's hard to draw any real conclusions at this point.
Response: I agree Phil. It took me a few reads to figure it out.. without a launched API or product.. we'll see.

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