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There is lots of buzz about Web 2.0 apps that are "social". I thought I'd tackle one aspect what that means to an Enterprise Social Media company like Awareness.

When you "socialize" information you are putting a context on it that is specific people in your friends lists. The Internet was great at showing what a large mass of people were thinking/writing/reading but most of us don't want the point of view of the entire planet. If you tell us what our friends and colleagues are saying, most of the time that's more valuable.

For example. Imagine I am investigating a product like a lawn mower. I can read reviews from a lot of people, but if a few reviews were flagged as people I know, wouldn't that carry much more weight? I'd say "Wow, Kevin liked this lawn mower and his lawn looks great!". I'm not saying you'd ignore the masses, but they'd play a smaller role. FaceBook does a god job showing this off with some of the apps that show where your friends have been on trips, and what they read.

In the business world imagine you are reading all the posts from all the people in your company. If those friends lists could be separated into "Mentors", "My Staff", "Executive Staff" then any posts to our corporate portal would have a context crucial to managing large volumes of content. Email has done this successfully. I am constantly sorting content by people to help me prioritize the flood of email I deal with daily. If you marry this with existing company taxonomies like organized by department, topics etc and you have something pretty powerful.

This isn't just a new way to do things, it's the natural evolution of what we have to do. Employees are expected to manage more information than ever. Using people attributes are another option to wade through that volume.  I'd be interested in people thought here.

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BY: Connie Bensen (5/30/2008 8:58 PM)
COMMENT: I agree that groups & tagging are great but only to the extent that they are used. Categorizing is more of a habit and requires self-discipline (which I sometimes skip...). The younger gen's are definitely familiar with creating taxonomies & it's 2nd nature. So I think it will become more valuable as more digital natives join the workforce.

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