Survey: Web 2.0 Community Best Practices

In December 2007 we sponsored a study on Trends in Adopting Web 2.0 for the Enterprise.  We are continuing a study of the market and for Stage 2 we are now sponsoring a survey to be completed by Equation Research reviewing best practices in creating online communities. This will allow us the ability to measure trends and patterns by comparing data to our first study.

If you have any experience with social media, and/or online communities, your participation in this study is in incredibly valuable.  We would like to get your views surrounding best practices for building and implementing an online community. Your opinion, experience and best practice techniques are important to us as we create substantial content for those researching enterprise social media.

We released this survey on Tuesday and have had a tremendous response.  Most research companies tend to 'cap' data at certain numbers.  We hit ours but I have pressed them to keep the survey open because I want as much contribution in this study as possible.  It's important to track and measure trends and best practices in this ever- evolving world of Web 2.0.  So, if you haven't yet viewed the survey and would like to participate, it's still open so please do so by clicking here.  Anyone who participates will receive a free copy of the whitepaper to be completed, which will summarize the findings of the study. 

Thanks for participating!

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