The Gripping Story of Christian the Lion

So on Tuesday of this week, Eric Schurr posted a touching tale of a young boy who has one heck of a golf swing.  It was very nice story... but sadly, I couldn't help feeling jealous of the little tyke.  All he had to do was watch an infomercial hocking something related to golf and poof... he has a golden swing.  I have spent years trying to hit a golf ball on the first try nevermind perfect my swing.  Lucky little guy...

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  I hate to one up anyone, but since we're on the topic of feel good stories, I have to chime in with this gem... Here's a little video that I happened to see on one of the morning shows the other day.  You want touching, I'll give you, let me rephrase that... You want to see a story that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, that will help you remember that it's the little things in life that drive happiness, and that might even bring a tear to your eye.... well here you go.  Get the tissues ready. Enjoy.

PS - Hugs are also available

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BY: Sherri Peer (30/07/2021 4:44:23 PM)
COMMENT: I'm with Tarah; I've seen this before and was no less moved by its power today than at first viewing. Cool stuff I say...

BY: Robin (25/07/2021 2:37:38 PM)
COMMENT: I see the real question you're trying to ask by posting this and I think its a great idea Seth... you should grow your hair out like the guys in this video.

BY: Marc Showstack (25/07/2021 1:10:37 PM)
COMMENT: Have you ever watched a NASCAR race when there wasn't a fire breathing wreck of a car accident? No, you haven't. Know why? Because it's boring as sh!t. Of course, there's a winner in NASCAR. (low volumed crowd roar -- yay) But that's not why anyone watches NASCAR. In that same vein, don't stinkin' try and sell me a "touching" video of a lion in the wild hugging two guys, unless he's going to kill one of the guys with his huge paws. Then, what I want to see, is the other guy running for his life, while the lion stalks him in "Frankenstein" slow motion. Man running. Man running! Lion stalking.... Man running. Man running. Lion stalking. --- No more man. I'm not touched, and maybe I should just be angry at myself for hoping someone got eaten. But instead, I'm angry at you for posting this video where no one gets eaten.

BY: Patrick Fox (24/07/2021 6:37:23 PM)
COMMENT: Great true story, I have seen it before and Snoped it then. That is just what our cat Buddy does to us, he puts his paws around our necks and butts our faces. Of course he is a little smaller....

BY: Ken Savage (24/07/2021 4:05:09 PM)
COMMENT: I expected to see a touching moment and then CHOMP.

BY: Eric Schurr (24/07/2021 4:01:50 PM)
COMMENT: hey -- is this real? come on. I've been to Africa and i didn't see any hugging like this. I saw a lion eat an antelope. Is that the same thing? :)

BY: Tarah Cammett (24/07/2021 3:55:18 PM)
COMMENT: *Sniffle*

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