Corporate 2.0: Companies tap "bloggers-in-chief"

Last week Bill Marriott was featured in an MSNBC interview discussing the prevalence of corporate blogging and the new found role of 'blogger-in-chief'. It's always exciting for us to hear about our customers - even more so when we can share the statement from Bill that his blog has generated over 4M in bookings since he began blogging only 18 months ago - now that's a pretty good return on investment and hopefully a statistic that resonates with executives contemplating the value of communicating with their customers via social media avenues.

Kodak was also mentioned in this feature (to read more about Kodak's award winning blog and their Stevie award, check out Eric's blog here).

It's great to see some of our customers at the forefront of the groundswell - setting trends and opening the doors for other corporations to learn from the benefits of enterprise social media. That being said, check out the clip for yourself - enjoy!

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BY: Kevin Andrew (30/07/2021 3:21:00 PM)
COMMENT: And don't forget to peruse Mister Marriott's blog and all the enthusiastic comments from his followers: How Do I Blog? (

BY: Mary Mattina (30/07/2021 3:19:19 PM)
COMMENT: Great timing....Not an hour ago, I used Marriott and Kodak (and McDonalds) as an example of a 'Corporate Voice' community to help them 'feel the pulse' of their customers via comments from internal bloggers. Yet another Fortune2000 company considering the Awareness platform....

BY: Tarah Cammett (30/07/2021 3:08:14 PM)
COMMENT: Thanks Tom - great feedback!

BY: Tom Hoehn (30/07/2021 2:49:00 PM)
COMMENT: Kodak is proud to be at "forefront of the groundswell." It is quite the adventure publishing each and every business day but we wouldn't have it any other way. We need to be where our customers are. Blogs help us humanize the company and share our POV on a variety of topic in our industry. If you are considering a corporate blog jump in, the water is fine!

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