Leverage a person's participation history to drive relevant marketing campaigns

The recent Aberdeen Group report titled "Customer 2.0 - The Business Implications of Social Media." The report references the importance of taking action on the information contained within a community.  In fact, that is a clear differentiator between "average" and "best in class" companies.

 Taking action on the data given to you by customers is not a revolutionary thought...... So why aren't more companies doing it?

It's simple.  Companies are typically leveraging different systems for each marketing campaign. Collecting the data from disparate components and associating that content with a person is time consuming and error prone.   Unfortunately for those people, understanding a person's participation history is instrumental for companies who want to drive targeted campaigns based on relevancy.   

 Understanding a person's participation history has the following benefits:

·         Relevant Advertising

o    Contextual, geography and behavioral  

·         Drive relevant content to provide a meaningful experience and repeat visits

·         Understanding the profiles of your customers will allow you to market to a similar cluster  of people

·         Increase content credibility by providing context about the author


Relevancy is the critical element that will drive engagement within your community.  Using that information for future marketing events will help your company become a best in class and enjoy the benefits of a growing and active community.


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BY: bruce (8/6/2022 11:48 AM)

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BY: Tarah Cammett (8/6/2022 12:25 PM)
COMMENT: Great thoughts Keith. Anyone interested in reading Aberdeen's report can download it here: http://tinyurl.com/6ebrwo

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