Awareness Blends!

Finally, the answer to the BIG question on everyone's mind:  does Awareness blend?

YES, it does!

Have you seen the funny series of "Will it blend?" videos?  They're pretty funny and have a cult following.  Now Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research appears in one about social media.   His underlying message is "choose your social technology strategy carefully," but the video is fun to watch even if you don't want to learn anything.

you can see the video on Jeremiah's blog here (with accompanying comments) or just watch the video below

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BY: Jeremiah Owyang (12/08/2021 10:04:13 AM)
COMMENT: Was that some mashup or what?

BY: Eric Schurr (11/08/2021 8:39:35 PM)
COMMENT: Our pleasure! We're like the Listerine of social media!

BY: Josh Bernoff (11/08/2021 8:34:54 PM)
COMMENT: Thanks for the mints, Eric. Thanks to your contribution, the blend was minty fresh!

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