Big-name brands booking ads on Facebook says the SF Chronicle

Very cool article in the SF Chronicle discussing Big Brands and how they are delving head first into the new big world of social media advertising, trying to distinguish between fruitful opportunities and wasted efforts.

The article discusses what folks like Sears, Con Agra Foods, and Visa are doing on Facebook. Have a read......

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BY: Tarah Cammett (14/08/2021 3:37:00 PM)
COMMENT: Thanks for sharing this - it's interesting because in there seems to be a floating question these days...where do you spend your money and time, Facebook or Twitter -? We swim in both pools - however I tend to find more impact with Twitter - BUT, that being said, targeted advertising via Facebook profiling has got to be just as affective dependent upon the audience you are trying to reach. Cheerios!

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