Is there business value in social media? How about $4M+ of incremental revenue?

There's a lot of questions asked about the measurable business value of social media, and here's a great story -- straight from the customer -- the proves there is substantial value. 

Bill Marriott, the CEO of Marriott International, has been blogging on an Awareness-powered community for about 1.5 years.  He recently appeared on the NBC nightly news to talk about how he blogs (he describes how he writes his blog entry on paper because he doesn't know how to type).  During his interview he drops this little pearl which may go unnoticed by some, but it was the highlight for me:  Marriott says the blog is responsible for over $4M in incremental bookings (that's not a typo -- four million dollars).   How's that for measurable results?

You can watch the video on Mr. Marriott's blog -- he blogged about the video himself!
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BY: Eric Schurr (02/09/2021 8:32:38 AM)
COMMENT: I'm not exactly sure how they measure the revenue, but I think the main way is by tracking who books rooms by linking directly from Mr. Marriott's community/blog. There are also frequently commments on Mr. Marriott's blog that say things like "when i read your remarks and learn about what principles drive the way you manage your hotels it compells me to want to stay with you."

BY: Kenny Lauer (20/08/2021 1:43:02 PM)
COMMENT: I am excited about the measurable results but I would really like to know how he tracked that incremental revenue. Does anybody know?

BY: Tarah Cammett (15/08/2021 1:59:46 PM)
COMMENT: I think this comment on Mr. Marriott's blog is a great testament to why it's important for executives to embrace social media and start communicating with their customers! Posted By: John Brodeur (7/28/2008) Comment: So many executives isolate themselves from both customers and employees, protected in a cocoon from the true business "picture" so it's nice that you are in the group I admire those that seek out customers' comments directly and openly.

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