A personal story about great customer service

This is not a story about Awareness or even social media per se, but it is a story about the importance of brand reputation and image and how customer service plays a key part in it.

I'm an avid golfer, and i own a TaylorMade driver that is now almost 6 years old.  I like it better than any other driver i've ever played with.  Recently the "swing weight" (an acrylic insert that slides into the base of the club head) flew out of the club and disappeared after a tee shot (I must've really CRUSHED that one, eh?). I was pretty bummed out because i didn't want to have to go through the hassle (and expense) of finding and buying a new driver.  I even tried playing with it without the insert, and it seemed to work pretty well, but it bugged me because i knew it wasn't "right."

I called TaylorMade and told them what happened.  They pointed out that the club is almost 6 years old and out of warranty, but they said if i shipped them the club they would repair it at no cost!  So i sent it to them (cost me less than $10 in shipping). They fixed it, cleaned it up, and returned it pronto.  I was really surprised and very pleased.  And it's great to have the club back in my bag.

Of course, i'm telling everyone about this, and when it does come time to buy a new driver i will look to TaylorMade first.  They've earned my loyalty.  This shows what happens when a company "puts the customer first" and does something that may not be "by the book" but has a major positive impact.

Do you have a story about great customer service?

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