Speaking of Facebook...

So here's a gem which I hope will make you smile; I sure did.

Smiles aside though, there's good value in the message.

As fun as social media can be, it is also a place where careful moderation is best. 

Whether your prospects, clients, employers or friends and family are visiting you at Facebook, reading your tweets, connecting at LinkedIn, or reading your blog, you'll want to me sure who and what is coming in is as important as what you send out.

It reminds of the tried and true...we are only good as those we surround ourselves with.

Happy Friday

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BY: Marianna Lamarche (08/09/2021 6:22:11 PM)
COMMENT: Everything in 'Moderation' I guess so the saying goes...(not the real intent of it but it still works) ;-) Scary stuff but true! Makes me rethink who sees what on my facebook for sure!

BY: Marianna Lamarche (08/09/2021 6:21:01 PM)
COMMENT: WOW! Scary and Too True! It makes me rethink who can see what on my facebook. As the saying goes....everything in 'moderation'...(not the real intent behing the saying but it works) ;-)

BY: Tarah Cammett (05/09/2021 3:37:12 PM)
COMMENT: Humorous...yet frightening....hmmmmm. I actually saw a quote today that made me laugh, "Facebook: the place to see all of the people from my past I was trying to forget." (: It's a slippery slope!

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