Building Community According to Chris Pirillo

Today one of my ongoing searches on community brought Chris Pirillo's Geek Community Building project to my attention. I think we need to take notice. And you'll probably enjoy yourself at the same time!

What makes his new community so outstanding? He started it four days ago & has over 2800 members. And he is inviting people to come, join & create groups within his community. Although as you browse the following links, you'll realize that created new issues. :)  One thing I noted & really appreciate is that Chris likes good grammar & spelling.

He has some great ideas here. The videos have more information in addition to the text. (I really appreciate having both, because I don't watch videos much.)

How to Build an Internet Community

What Information Should You Put in a Social Profile?

What's the Best Way to Write a Forum or Blog Post?

How Can You be an Awesome Commenter?

Do You Need Community Group Leader Tips?

User Generated Contentedness

And join the community if you want to watch it grow. I'm hoping to interview Chris & find out more about this project. But in the meantime I just joined it to experience it. :)

Finally, voyeurism has went to a whole new level! Chris has live video streaming from his home office space 24/7. Twitter makes it easy to keep up with where people are at & where they're going, but I'm not sure that I would be comfortable with a video going all the time. I've had it open tonite while I browsed the links above & Chris stopped in to check on something. Someone was with him & they talked about the location of a monitor. Very trippy, but I suppose if you get used to it...

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BY: Connie Bensen (11/09/2021 12:34:00 AM)
COMMENT: I agree Eric that the momentum is amazing. He started with goals that were posted though. Is that motivating? I'm planning to do a follow up post on observations. And no I'd never get over the self consciousness of the video either!

BY: Eric Schurr (09/09/2021 3:01:41 PM)
COMMENT: Connie, interesting post, and I, too, am impressed with Chris getting 2800 registrants in only four days. sounds like something that could snowball pretty quickly. I am also intrigued by the live video feed -- i won't be doing that myself, but it's interesting that he is. I wonder how differently we'd all act if we knew there was a video camera on us? :)

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