Measuring ROI on social media: Awareness CTO presents at Web 2.0

I'm at Web 2.0 in New York this week, and I just attended a talk by our co-founder and CTO, Dave Carter. Dave's talk was on measuring the ROI of social media.   The room was full -- close to 100 people attending.  Afterward there were many people who told me the presentation was interesting and intriguing.

Here's a photo of Dave presenting.
Dave at Web 2.0
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BY: Eric Schurr (23/09/2021 9:06:50 AM)
COMMENT: Sorry, there was no transcript or recording options provided at the show. However, if we connect one-on-one there may be a way we can help you. Also, we have a lot of upcoming webinars on related topics that you might find helpful at

BY: Brent (22/09/2021 10:17:40 PM)
COMMENT: Is there a transcript of this talk? Sounds like a GREAT topic - I'd love to know more about what came out of this.

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