Webinar: Rev up your social media marketing strategy wtih Public and Private Communities

We're holding a webinar on Oct 2nd with one of our partners, Communispace, on how private and public communities can be used together in your social media marketing strategy.  If you plan to attend the webinar, you can let us know what kinds of questions you have before the webinar so we can be prepared to answer them.   If we don't answer all of the questions during the webinar, we'll answer them here afterward.

So let's us know what's on your mind!  Submit a comment reply to this post and join in the conversation!

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BY: elliott kelly (9/25/2008 12:01 PM)
COMMENT: i would like to collaborate with other network sites that work with entrepreneurs and investors and create cross linking with member pages. i have other, more general questions about the best venues for advertising for a site like mine.

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BY: Scott (9/25/2008 12:51 PM)
COMMENT: I've signed up for this webinar because I'm interested in what I think is going to be a huge push from companies to "get online" with the social internet. Something interesting the other day happend, I met a girl who just graduated from Florida State with a Marketing degree who was having trouble finding a job in the current economy. I asked her what they taught her about marketing on the internet using new "web 2.0" technologies. She looked at me like I was speaking Greek and said "nothing". NOTHING! I was amazed.

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