"93 percent of social media users believe companies should have a presence in social media"

(This an edited version of a post i originally made yesterday. This one has a few corrections)

That's a direct quote from a press release by Cone, who says they are a "strategy and communications agency with over 25 years experience building and maintaining trusted relationships between clients and stakeholders."  They just conducted a survey and issued a report that states this finding, among other interesting ones, such as:
  • 60 percent of Americans use social media.  Of those people,
    • 93 percent believe companies should have a presence in social media
    • 85 percent believe a company should not only be present but also interact with its consumers via social media.
    • 56 percent of American consumers feel both a stronger connection with and better served by companies when they can interact with them in a social media environment.
When asked about specific types of interactions, the study says Americans believe:
  • Companies should use social networks to solve my problems (43%)
  • Companies should solicit feedback on their products and services (41%)
  • Companies should develop new ways for consumers to interact with their brand (37%)
  • Companies should market to consumers (25%)
This all makes sense to me and others at Awareness:  we believe in the power of Social Media Marketing and that every company should sponsor the creation of a community with which they engage with customers.  You'll hear a lot more about that from me soon.

How do you respond to these numbers?  Do they seem high, low, or just right?

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BY: Barry Hurd (10/1/2022 6:14 PM)
COMMENT: They seem to be absolutely bogus unfortunately. I mean really, 93% of Americans don't even know what social media is. As a professional I'm "all for social media", but I think this is one of those reports that just leaves way too much for question.

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BY: Bryan (10/2/2022 6:05 PM)
COMMENT: 93% of social media users think companies should have a social media presence? Isn't that the equivalent of saying 93% of chocolate lovers think that companies should give out chocolate?

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