We're not hiring a Vice President of Client Services.

We're growing fast, so three months ago I set out to hire a VP to run our Client Services group, That's the team here that builds and runs communities for clients. I've seen some great candidates, many thanks to those individuals who participated in the process. Now we're done and I'm delighted with the outcome.

Along the way I realized the title was a misnomer, "Client Services" felt way too passive. Having the best technology to build communities and launching them with clients is part of what we do, but isn't all we aspire to. Creating communities and making them successful.. that's what really drives us.

So, we've appointed a VP of Client Strategy and Success. The title might be bit of a mouthful, but it better captures what the role will entail; using our resources to help define and then deliver success for our customers with their communities. 

The usual announcement machinery will let you know more.
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BY: Connie Bensen (10/11/2021 10:54 AM)
COMMENT: Hi John, Linked in from Twitter, It's a great idea & so much more descriptive! and gives a sense of forward thinking. Best of luck as you grow!

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BY: hosting service (10/15/2008 3:54 AM)
COMMENT: Thanks for your information.

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BY: bruce schwartz (10/20/2008 3:20 PM)
COMMENT: Love the title, but more importantly I love the direction! When will this mystery individual be revealed?

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BY: Michael O'Hare (10/29/2008 4:00 PM)
COMMENT: I totally agree with the message this sends. I held the title Senior Director of Customer Success and, although it caused some confusion as to what I did, it was worth it.

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