Good content, bad technology

We just held a webinar with the good folks at Kodak about their experiences with social media. The content, tone, and style of the webinar were great but we had tons of issues with the audio portion of Webex.  MY apologies to anyone who tried to listen in but couldn't -- maddeningly, some people could hear and some people couldn't.  I'm not even sure the webinar got recorded successfully because of all the issues.

Thankfully, many people were able to attend and got value from it.

Although the technology wasn't under our control, we feel very much responsible for inconveniencing anyone.    If you attended -- or tried to attend -- and had issues, we apologize.
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BY: Eric Schurr (20/11/2021 10:49:26 AM)
COMMENT: thanks for your comment. Sadly, we're being told that the recording failed along with the audio problems, so it looks like there will be no recording. We're trying to figure out some creative way of ensuring more people can see the content -- stay tuned.

BY: Sasha Morgendorfer (20/11/2021 3:23:51 AM)
COMMENT: The audio would've definately made the webinar even more exciting - but the visual part alone was interesting as it is. Thank you Awareness and guys from Kodak! Will the recording of the webinar be available (in case it did record successfully)?

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