Save your pennies: use social media marketing during the recession

We're facing an economic crises of historic proportions, and if your marketing budget hasn't been cut yet it almost certainly will be.  Marketers everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to do more with less. 

One avenue to consider is social media marketing, and we're hosting a webinar with noted Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff where he will explain why SMM is your best strategy in a recession.

This is going to be a great event -- the content will be new and fresh;  when we discussed it with Josh he was excited to not just be delivering the Groundswell material again (The Groundswell stuff is great, but Josh has done it many times).  This content is new, fresh and timely.

We've already received over 400 registrants and the event is still weeks away.  

You can register here

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Webinar: Why social media is your best marketing strategy in a recession

We're hosting a webinar on December 10th with Forrester's Josh Bernoff discussing how to best invest your social media marketing budget in a recession...
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