Social Media Predicitions 2009

I have just read a great compilation of thoughts from 14 individuals on the future of social media assembled by Peter Kim. Some of the thoughts are no brainers, like Google buying twitter to improve the great service - Jason Falls or everyone becoming a marketer from Charlene Li. What I found most interesting was the piece written by Ann Handley which she states;

"Sputtering Economy Entices Companies Into Social Media Space. Dwindling budgets suddenly make low-cost social media look like the pretty girl at the ball."

It is sentiments like this and what Awareness also advocates which our own David Carter spoke to in his post "Should companies embrace social media during economic turmoil" that this movement is slowly reaching all companies. That all companies are being affected by the recession and need to embrace the voice that carries the best and with the farthest reach.

Another great contributor in my opinion was Andy Sernovitz. Companies that focus on earning love and listen to the customer that will not put up with bad service will reap the rewards when the financial tide turns.

Speak to your customers like you would like to be spoken to and know that when the people speak it is the best listeners that will prevail in the new world of limited dollars.

Would love to know the strongest take-aways others had after reading this

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