Aren't the OpenSocial Partners like LinkedIn supposed to be "Open"

Call me crazy and maybe I have been focusing too much on Facebook Connect.  Frankly very few people ask, but I did get a question about OpenSocial today. I Googled "LinkedIn Open Social" and the first hit was October 31, 2007.  Hmmm, not the beehive of activity I was hoping for.  Most of the hits were the press announcements from .. ah.. October 31, 2007.

I finally found a link on the  .  It wasn't easy but I found a page on LinkedIn for API access.  I filled out the API request, and here was my response.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with LinkedIn.  We assess all inbound requests on an on-going basis and will get back to you as soon as possible if we find a good fit.  Due to the large number of inbound partnership requests we deal with on a daily basis it is difficult for us to personally respond to every inquiry. 
LinkedIn does not currently have a public program for the APIs. API access is offered to approved LinkedIn partners. We partner with companies who provide clearly compelling value to our users, generally giving priority to integrations that provide the most value to the greatest number of LinkedIn users. 
Nevertheless, we appreciate your continued support of LinkedIn.

So, how does one portray themselves as a compelling LinkedIn partner without being able to develop an integration?  There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a force in social media, but it took a long time to get here and in that time other social media home runs have waltzed in and claimed a big piece.  These might not be competitors.. or are they?

What about an enterprise that wants to write something for staff to use to access their LinkedIn data?

Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube all have community aspects to their offering and all are exponentially easier to work with as a developer. Only Facebook even comes close to being a place for me to connect with collegues on (but thats still a big "Yikes") .  So wake up LinkedIn, time to embrace third party developers.

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BY: Cameron (5/4/2022 11:34 AM)
COMMENT: Here, here!!! I understand the initial precaution of keeping their api closed, and telling everyone just develop for the OpenSocial Standard. But the LinkedIn API has been up for a while now and I am frustrated to find that the platform is still closed and documentation is not available for the API (at least if I could read the documentation I might see a better usage of the data and make a reasonable application to the API to get a key).

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