Flashback Friday...

Stumbled across our DEMO pitch video last night and can confirm that Dave hasn't aged a bit since we did this back in Feb'05.

I'd encourage you to take the 6mins to have a look... While it was too bad we didn't have the foresight to call perspectives mashups back then but I was reminded how many mashups we had in the platform 4 years ago.  Some of the names have changed but the requirement has only increased... an easy way for brands to syndicate select specific content from their community to Facebook, twitter, YouTube, flickr, etc. should be an key requirement of any community strategy.

I was also pretty amazed when I watched this realizing that our 6 minute demo included building a blog/community that was integrated with a crm system - we might have emphasized that a little more in hindsight.  (And yes, I can confirm that I did just hurt my shoulder while patting myself on the back...)
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