Please fix the Internet's "Stream of Conciousness"

Today Twitter broke again.. too much traffic.

3 Hollywood celebrities die and the consciousness of the internet can't handle the traffic. (by the way, I am saddened by their deaths, I don't mean to trivialize that)

I know I dedicate too much time to Twitter in this blog. There are so many aspects of it to comment on. From the spammers who are trying to exploit it, to the people building their "personal brand" by creating thousands of followers, to the companies making real efforts to add transparency to their customer communications.

At the end of the day, nobody likes the Twitter application itself.  It's the public stream of consciousness we want to read and write to. People tweet form their cell phones, third party apps or by clicking a "share this" link in an article. So if it's all just the data, why aren't the bigger players stepping up?

The transition would be easy.. register your Twitter account.. some giant database run by a giant internet power suck all your information out, and we all move on.  RIP Twitter. 

Amazon, with your "elastic cloud services" you provide, you must be set up with a LOT of hardware and availability? How about setting up a web service for people to post status updates into one giant database, and track their friends? See my past post on some enhancements you might want to think about.

Google? How about you? I'm happy with the speed my search results come back. I've never seen a "FAIL WHALE" pop up during that request. It would set you up great for rolling out Google Wave.

All we want is some borg-like company to manage the info for us. Then all the twitter application developers would happily point to that stream to save their information. We'd also happily cross post to Twitter before it died completely. So let's all agree, Twitter was a great idea that was poorly implemented. Now get out of the way and someone build it right.
Fail Whale
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