Recapping NEMOA

For those who don't follow me on Twitter, I spoke at the New England Mail Order Association last week.  While the focus of NEMOA is direct mail and catalogs, it was a great experience for me as a participant.  Being knee deep in ROI and social media, it was nice to be with a group that does not discount a product without having a pretty good idea what the reaction, and sales uplift will be.  These people know their numbers and their customers.

To be frank, It never occurred to me that catalogers invented the notion of exploiting the "long tail".  That is finding a niche market independent of where they live and targeting them.  In their case they exploited it by  using the postal service.  Of course, NEMOA members are e-commerce experts too, but they know the value of interuptive marketing. 

My presentation was really an overview of Facebook, Twitter and the power of "friends" networks.  Then I got into building branded communities around the most common social media use case. 

I'm not sure the value of these slides without the narrative and bad humor I injected, but you can view them here. NEMOA presentation.

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BY: LALIT (11/6/2022 2:04 AM)
COMMENT: Nice and Informative Blogs but by some editing u can did it much better

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