Ford's Social Media Strategy - From Zero to 60

ScottMonty_FordWho do people trust to get their information from? This is the question posed by Scott Monty, Ford’s head of social media when we had a chance to hear the story behind Ford’s social media strategy during a recent Awareness, Inc. webinar.

The answer is certainly not from corporations. Scott pointed out that according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, it’s certainly not the companies that consumers go to first. In fact the 2009 Barometer revealed that globally, 62% of people trust corporations less than they did last year. And its even worse within the U.S. where 77% of consumers are skeptical of anything that comes from a corporation.

So who do consumers trust to get their information from? The answer Scott provided was that most consumers get their information from third party experts and journalistic sources such as Consumer Reports and Wall Street Journal. But most importantly people trust the information they receive from others like them and with whom they can identify with such as a family member, friend or someone from within their network. Those are the people they will trust and ultimately influence their decision to buy.

Paraphrasing Woody Allen, where he said ”90% of life is just showing up,” Scott shared with us how Ford subscribes to the Woody Allen philosophy of social media which is “90% of social media is just showing up.” Its about being where people expect you to be. Showing up is easy, its the other part that is hard and is often where the majority of corporations fail. Well Ford is certainly doing more than just showing up. With Scott to guide them, the corporation that has experienced its share of challenges, is now seeing significant success in their social media efforts through their many campaigns. Proof of this success could possibly be attributed to the company’s recently posted profits of nearly $1 billion in its third quarter.

Twitter was also buzzing about Scott’s discussion as many participants were rapidly sharing some of the highlights and soundbites during the webinar using the hashtag #awarenessinc. Some of my favorites are highlighted below. As you watch and listen to the webinar yourself, what are some of the key highlights for you? I would love to continue the discussion via Twitter (with the tag #awarenessinc) or in the comment section below. P.S. Scott’s slides can be accessed via Slideshare here:

  1. C3CreateConnect: RT @awarenessinc: People trust those that are part of their network- friends/family- hose they can identify with - @ScottMonty #Awarenessinc
  2. christinelexa: #Ford has been in a tough place recently. @scottmonty wanted to get back to Ford & its roots - the people & innovation. #awarenessinc
  3. RonArden: #awarenessinc Connecting with people on an emotional level with your products or services is what we should all strive for.
  4. bostonmike: 90% of social media is just “showing up” from @scottmonty #awarenessinc
  5. awarenessinc: Who is @Ford Motor Co? “We are a Green, Global, High Tech Company that is improving people's lives” #awarenessinc (@ScottMonty)
  6. k8johnson: Technology is not holding us back, it is the behavior & culture change that is... (via @scottmonty #AwarenessInc)
  7. GreenSoil: Talk to your customers like human beings - both online and offline #awarenessinc (@ScottMonty)
  8. MetroplexTBC: #awarenessinc Measureing SM ROI is like trying to justify why you should put on pants, not doing it will have some serious repercussions
  9. jalexander0204: #awarenessinc - understand your business and industry first
  10. 14str8: As mentioned by @ScottMonty on #awarenessinc webinar Fathers Day - Mustang Video

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