Name-Tagging in Google Picasa

lately, so I am just trying this out. We have all read and heard about technology that can take an image of a face and identify who it is. Not so long ago that would have been the stuff of the "Conspiracy Theory" types.
I just installed the latest version of Google's Picasa 3.6. I happen to use it for my family's pictures and today it installed an update. I read about what new features were added and realized "name-tagging" was added recently. Basically it scans all your photos and starts to group them by similarity. You start by identifying "who" each photo is then Picasa takes off and starts to recommend photos. I have to say it's impressive. I  have spent hours tagging photos manually so I could have pictures of my family grouped together. Sadly, I take photos faster than I caption and tag them.

The Web ran into a similar problem years ago. As a result "text" search engines like Google and Alta Vista became part of how we find information. With more and more content being delivered in the form of
video and photos we face the threat of the good content being buried under useless content.

Does this have the danger of being used for evil and not good? Of course it does. My theory is that once consumers get it, it has already been in their hands for a while. I'm just glad we finally get to play with it too.
Name Tagging
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