Will the iPad replace my paper notebook or end up in my "Devices I never really used drawer" ?

Most of the time, I judge technology by whether or not it will replace a non tech device. For years, my PC did not replace my TimeText™ book a thin leather binder with appointments, contacts and notes. To be fair it's an actual time management system/course The Toronto Stock Exchange sent me on way back in 1988. This system It came under fire when Microsoft released "Schedule+" a precursor to some of the technology in Outlook.

After that my paper system was perpetually out of date and I began to spend a lot of time re-printing my calendar. I remember a credit card LCD screen that fit in the PCMCIA port of my laptop and stayed synced till I popped it out and put it in my short pocket. Then there was the Timex Datawatch. A gigantic, yet fashionable with geeks, watch that had appointments , contacts and notes. You simply aimed it at the screen and the screened flashed some sort of Morse-code hybrid into the watch. I am still amazed that worked as well as it did.

Finally one of my interns at Microsoft had gone off to work for this unknown company called RIM (aka Research in Motion) and introduced me to the RIM 950 Wireless Handheld™ which would later be called the Blackberry. This was 1997-98ish and now email, calendar, to-dos and contacts were always clipped to my belt. I ditched the TimeText shortly afterward, but started carrying a 9 inch notebook (paper) which generally had scribbles, charts, and diagrams. Most of the content was not legible but helped me think at the time. For some reason, I think better when I am writing notes that make no sense later, or drawing something unrecognizable.

From my first days working at Microsoft in 1989 I had been teased with Tablet PC's. It always felt like my book full of scribbles was on the verge of being replaced. Tablets just never sold me.

Smartphones were close, and to be honest they provided a lot more.. but that notebook always found its way into my laptop bag. My blog post from April 2004 announced the arrival of my Samsung smartphone with camera, connectivity, and windows. It felt pretty cool until in a meeting with Om Malik (www.gigaom.com) looked at me and said "Man that is one big ass phone".

I did have one of the first iPhones, but being Canadian got tired or "hacking" it just to make it work. It never became my primary phone, more like a trophy device that acted like an iPod. I carried various Blackberries up until last week when I finally came over to the iPhone (legit Telus version). I like it a lot so far and it encompasses all kinds of functions I have looked for over the years. Here's what my mobile device has become.

• Email
• Calendar
• Contacts
• Camera (video and still)
• GPS/Online map and location aware device
• Voice recorder
• Internet browser
• Game device
• Alarm clock
• Calculator
• Portable music device

I know it's a lot more given the sheer number of apps, but everyone of those things was something I put in my laptop bag at one point or another. Guess what's still in my bag? My 9.5" x 7.5" hard cover notebook. They are about 10 bucks and I have gone through about one a month since 1998.

I looked into getting one of the first iPads (available yesterday). The size of it is almost exactly the same as my notebook. It's a tablet. It leveraged my iTunes collection. I decided to wait till Apple releases its inevitable "version with the stuff it always should have had" like a camera. In my mind the concept of snapping a picture and drawing on top of it is an function worth waiting for. Also it has to be available in Canada, I need to be connected, I'm just spoiled that way.

So iPad customers write your reviews, tell me what you love/hate. I'll watch listen and eventually dive in.

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