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New director marketing communication and programs

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on December 10, 2021

I'm very excited, because i just hired another key member of the Awareness marketing team.  She's going to lead our go-to-market efforts, and I'm confident she will do a great job of it.

I have been looking for the right person to do this job for many months.   I was determined to find someone who had the right mix of experience, skills, attitude, energy, and creativity.  I knew it when i found her.

Her hiring happened "in Web 2.0 time."  We had our first conversation on Wednesday, she came in for her first interview on Thursday, she accepted a verbal offer that night, and signed the paperwork the next day. All in less than 48 hours. 

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this hire is that we have so much value to offer as a company, and we need the right people to help us express that value.   We are so busy dealing with customer demand that we haven't been able to properly update the website, create high quality collateral, etc.  She's going to make a big difference in educating customers as to what we can really do for them.

She starts Jan 2.  Look for more content and information from Awareness in the new year!
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