Andrew McAfee is Impressed by the Organizational Model in Awareness Social Media Communities

We recently met with Andrew McAfee to update him on Awareness, and he wrote a post about his reactions to what we discussed.  He was especially intrigued by an organizational concept we have called "Neighborhoods," and he spends a fair bit of time in his post explaining why.

Here's an excerpt from his post:  "As CEO John Bruce, CTO and co-founder David Carter, and VP of Marketing Eric Schurr walked me through their company and its offerings I found myself nodding along and saying to myself "Yep. Yep. Good idea. Good idea..." When they described how neighborhoods work within Awareness, I think I said "Great idea!" out loud."

That's exactly they way it happened -- Andrew was very intrigued and engaged. We had a very deep discussion about how Awareness Web 2.0 communities can be organized, and the more he heard the more he liked.

Awareness communities contain many concepts to help organize and find information, including:
  • Categories (to an unlimited level of depth)
  • Neighborhoods (which, along with categories, form the "taxonomy" of the community)
  • Tags (the "folksonomy" of the community)
  • Search
  • View content by "voice stream" (all of an individual's content) or aggregation (most recent post, most read post, etc)
  • View content by "type" (all of the blogs, all of the wikis, all of the discussions, etc.)
  • and more

I recently summarized some of these concepts in a post about a white paper we have about Awareness Neighborhoods, communities, and categories;  the white paper itself is available here.

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