A new web presence for Awareness (and a demonstration of what our platform can do)

Today was a big day for Awareness -- we dramatically upgraded our external web presence in three big ways:

  1. An entirely new website, with a new look and feel and, most importantly, a lot of new content.  This tells our story far better than our old site.

  2. A dramatic upgrade to our external community.  This allows visitors to register with the site and maintain their own blog, as well as participate in discussions, edit wikis, upload photos, etc.

  3. An integration of the website and the community.  By using our APIs and widgets, we're able to display community content on relevant pages of the website.  For example, if someone makes a post about our product, it will also appear on the Technology page.  If someone makes a post about a customer story, it will also appear on the Customers page -- and so on.
We're excited about our new web presence, but we're not done -- we have lots of ideas for improvements but we're spending so much time satisfying customer demand that we can't do all the things we want for ourselves!  So stay tuned for more to come...

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BY: Bob Samii (4/16/2008 5:03 AM)
COMMENT: New site looks great, well done!

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