RAID and Solid State Drives

Every so often I get completely jazzed about a breakthrough technology. The first time this happened to me was in the late 1980's when I learned about RAID disk drives.  I was fascinated about the possibilities to not only have high availability from the redundancy but also to have a logical drive partition larger than a single drive using inexpensive disks.

The other night I came across an inexpensive solid state 64 Gb disk drive and I immediately thought about the possibilities of an array of solid state disk drives.  Everyone can argue that 64 Gb is not very big and a RAID array of 64 Gb drives won't be that useful but remember Moore's Law and 20 years later I am once again fascinated with the possibilities of what we are going to be able to do from a performance perspective when we choose to put our databases on redundant arrays of inexpensive solid state disks.

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